Our history

The choral tradition in Komarom is estemed from 19. century. This cultural heritage undertook the Csemadok and the City Cultural Centre when in 1980 founded the Concordia mixed chorus. Members of the chorus are teachers, workers, engineers, clerks, students – people who love music and are willing to expend their free time on propagationg and revive the European, especially the Hungarian choral music. The chorus showes its knowledge on international and domestic competitions and festivals regularly. They give approximately twenty concerts a year. The repertoire of the chorus is very rich, includes masterpieces from renaissance till the modern music. They are regular participants of the Kodaly Days in Galanta and had the honour to sing on masses celebrated by the Pope John Paul II. In Budapest and Bratislava. Furthermore they gave concerts in Loreto and in the USA. The chorus keeps good companionship with domestic and orther choruses in Hungary, Austria and Germany. The Concordia mixed chorus is a Hungarian chorus in Slovakia, but with their music they wish to talk to the whole mankind.